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Social Media and Your Business: 5 Tips to Get Started

Social Media allows thousands of people to connect to one another, whether it be personal or for business. Many businesses have something to present to their audience’s personal feed. How can you ensure the follows, likes and retweets translate to some paying customers? This article will give you five handy tips to grow your business’ … Read more

‘Tis the Season for Cyber Scams: TechStarters 2018 Naughty List

Every year, the number of online shoppers and consumers increases exponentially. This trend has nevertheless captured the attention of hackers and cyber scammers. They could seize the opportunity to exploit as many users as they can for their money, personal information, and sensitive data. It is important to protect your devices and information from any … Read more

Social Communities: A Guide to Building Business Around Social Groups

Using Facebook for your business can provide a great avenue for finding new customers, especially if you take advantage of the social communities found on the network. Social communities like Facebook Groups are made by people as forums for anything, from television series to even product discussions; it’s all integrated into Facebook. For the average user base, it can be a great way to meet people … Read more

Social Media Fighting Back Against Terrorist Messages

It’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing. Because all of the social media outlets are easily accessible around the globe, terrorists groups have been able to use them to spread their messages. These networks have been able to create videos, memes and images supporting their message through the use of encryption coding methods. … Read more