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The Basics of Disk Defragmenting

All devices no matter how well we take care of them will age with time, and your files and memory space can be affected by it. Whether it is your personal or work computer, the internal storage can suffer from fragmented files and worse even slow down your computers ability to work functionally. There is … Read moreThe Basics of Disk Defragmenting

5 Awesome Tips That Keeps Your Computer Safe

Here at TechStarters, we’ve seen all kinds of hack attempts imaginable. From PR smear campaigns, to viruses, bugs and even attacks on vulnerable IT infrastructures. Most of these attacks can be prevented with the right steps, but more often than not, they aren’t. Why is that? It’s simple – people don’t always know how to … Read more5 Awesome Tips That Keeps Your Computer Safe

Nerd Hacks: Work Productivity Tips

Nerd Hacks: Work Productivity Tips

Nerd Hacks is back to bring you more productivity tips to improve your work life. Still having trouble getting the most out of your work day? Don’t worry. Here’s another 5 productivity hacks to make sure you’re getting more done. These simple tips work wonders to increase your productivity if you’re willing to give them a shot … Read moreNerd Hacks: Work Productivity Tips