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‘Tis the Season for Cyber Scams: TechStarters 2018 Naughty List

Every year, the number of online shoppers and consumers increases exponentially. This trend has nevertheless captured the attention of hackers and cyber scammers. They could seize the opportunity to exploit as many users as they can for their money, personal information, and sensitive data. It is important to protect your devices and information from any … Read more

Why Mobile Integration Is Important for Your Business

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile technology, there really is no excuse for any business not to have either a mobile-friendly website or even promote themselves through a mobile application. While web browsers from personal computers have offered the easiest form of viewing websites online, there are more users visiting websites from smartphones and other … Read more

2017 Best Mobile Apps for Any Small Business

As a business owner, your business needs to operate 24/7 even when your normal hours are over. You should never rule out mobile technology when looking to improve your business efficiency. Nowadays, apps are designed for assisting businesses with an organization, productivity, management, communication, and even payments. What better way to manage all of those important duties than from the palm of your hand.  We have the top five … Read more