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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid With SEO

Whether you are new to SEO or have been working with it for years to help improve your website’s searchability, it’s easy to miss little details that can hurt your websites’ web presence in the long run. The process of making your website search engine-friendly is a fairly long one, requiring you to make major changes to minor things, from the way your website is organized to … Read moreTop 5 Mistakes to Avoid With SEO

Dark Social Tracking: An Untapped Way to Improve Your SEO

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best method for building links between your website and other websites to create visitor traffic over a long period of time. Unfortunately, this means that alternatives like social networks are not as good for SEO simply because Google is limited to how much information from social media websites it can track and use in the search engine algorithm. This is where Dark Social comes into play; it effectively uses … Read moreDark Social Tracking: An Untapped Way to Improve Your SEO

The Benefits of YouTube for SEO

Ask yourself this: what is the second most powerful search engine used by people around the world? You might be thinking of Bing, right? Well if it was a popularity contest than Bing would win. However, since more than 77% of all people primarily use Google, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be that … Read moreThe Benefits of YouTube for SEO