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Why Sites Gradually Lose Rankings

Gradually Lose Rankings

One might blame a site that gradually loses rankings and web traffic for several reasons. One cause could be due to backlinks and auto-generated content. However, in a Webmaster Hangout on February 21st, 2020, Google’s John Mueller helps to explain why a website might be having a gradual decline in traffic. He states: “I don’t … Read moreWhy Sites Gradually Lose Rankings

The Differences Between the WordPress Sites

Many people confuse and Some people assume they are the same platform, but they are two different platforms. It is important to choose the right platform for the type of website you want. This blog post will explain the differences between them. The Real Site is known as the real WordPress. It … Read moreThe Differences Between the WordPress Sites

Website Speed, Why it’s Important

website speed

When people talk about the speed of a website they are talking about how fast a website goes from a blank screen to a fully working website for your visitors. Have you ever clicked on a site and then it took longer than 30 seconds to load? What did you do? If you didn’t specifically … Read moreWebsite Speed, Why it’s Important