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Pineapple Wi-Fi: A Cyber Security Threat


If you have been in the city, a restaurant, or any area with large amounts of people in one area, you may have noticed some free Wi-Fi spots. It might seem tempting to just connect to any open Wi-Fi spot, but if you knew about Pineapple, then you’d want to reconsider from now on.  The Wi-Fi Pineapple is a hacking device that, on … Read more…

Data Breaches: Why Patching Your Internal Systems Matters


Personal security is essential in an industry that relies on digital connectivity. If you plan to or have a business that uses the internet in any way, then you must be prepared for every eventuality, especially in the case of data breaches.  A data breach can occur if an intruder finds a weakness in … Read more…

Alphanumeric Passwords Becoming History: How Advanced Tech is Shaping Security


The days of simple alphanumeric passwords might be becoming the security of the past. Numerous advanced methods of enhancing security have been developed over the recent years, which has resulted in more effective and greater digital security for sensitive information. For example, biometrics refer to the statistical analysis of genetic data … Read more…