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Taking Your Business to the Cloud


As a business grows, keeping your files organized in a safe, accessible place can quickly become a growing pain. Initially, owners may simply use different forms of back-ups and extra storage. This can be through hard drives or portable thumb drives as a back-up or as a form of extra storage. However, your employees need … Read more

Adopting New Technology in Business

We all know that change can be hard. This can be especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. Technology is ever-changing. We see this in our everyday lives from cell phones, computers, streaming services, and checkout lines. While the world around us seems to acclimate to these technologies quickly, businesses remain apprehensive. This article breaks … Read more

Your Cloud Computing Checklist

If your business has a need for a multitude of computer workstations, then cloud computing is the way to go. To keep it simple, cloud computing is the means of storing data from work computers as well as programs and hard drives to ensure that there is a steady backup in case of an emergency. … Read more