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Antivirus and Malware on Apple Computers

Antivirus and Malware on Apple computers

This past June Apple computers came under attack from a minimum of six active distribution threats. Some of these were even able to circumvent the security measures that Apple has constructed into its operating systems. They are cloaked as Adobe Flash updates and installs. Sometimes they are even Safari extensions. So what can you do? … Read moreAntivirus and Malware on Apple Computers

Update Technology for Your Business

Update Business Technology

If technology is well implemented, a small-scale business can have the chance to scale up. Whether you want to keep your company on the cutting edge, or just make a modern update here are some technology ideas to integrate into your business.  Augmented Reality  A picture is worth a thousand words but putting that picture … Read moreUpdate Technology for Your Business

Error 53 And 3 Other Cases of Computer Bugs

A software bug is an error or fault in a computer program that produces an incorrect or unexpected activity. Bugs can be accidental errors in computer programming, or they can result from illegal activity by hackers. Thomas Edison arguably coined the term of “bug” in the late 1800s, and companies have spent years trying to … Read moreError 53 And 3 Other Cases of Computer Bugs