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Can an iPhone Replace a GoPro?

Can an iPhone Replace a GoPro?

People familiar with the GoPro line know that it is a camera system used mainly for taking extreme action shots. Businessman Nick Woodman founded the company in 2002 after he was unable to get professional quality angle shots of himself surfing during an excursion in Australia.

But these days people do everything with their smartphones. Recently GoPro’s NASDAQ value has fallen below its IPO offering, causing some people to question whether even the action camera itself could be replaced by a phone.

We’ll tell you why it can, and why it cannot.

For one thing, Apple received a patent for an action camera early in 2015. noted that Apple markets the iPhone for surfing and underwater filming, and has a new “Shot on iPhone” gallery. The iPhone 6s already contains iPhone features, and we might be surprised at what the iPhone 7 could bring.

That being said, we don’t expect people to be using bike or helmet mounts on their iPhones to take the place of GoPro. There are mounts and homemade taping ideas available for places where you can secure an iPhone, but attachments would figure to negatively affect the iPhone’s film quality. Admittedly, the GoPro products require their share of accessories to take action videos, but the device’s wide-angle lens still gives a high quality video.

Continuing on, both devices have the Wi-Fi option, and GoPro’s Hero 4 is waterproof. Protective cases can be purchased for your phone, but he iPhone 6s does not work in water. It also breaks more easily, and the iPhone 6s is also more flexible than the GoPro Hero 4, and the GoPro product is heavier.

As far as the battery life, GoPro’s battery can only record continuously for a maximum of 1 hour, 40 minutes, while a fully charged iPhone 6 can take pictures for up to 10 hours. GoPro and iPhones also both offer exclusive night modes for better quality images at night. The iPhone 6 uses low ISO settings to create a clearer exposure.

The prices are similar for iPhones or GoPros, generally running anywhere from $200 to $499, but GoPro is likely to cost you more from purchasing mounting accessories. And GoPro users are not likely to be camping outside a store location to buy the latest upgrade like many iPhone lovers do unless they’ve worn out their previous models.

Which brand do you prefer? We report, you decide. But no matter which device you may find that suits your needs, it’s always best to use the camera properly in order to achieve finer quality on your videos.

Joseph Griffin recently took video of his trip to Las Vegas. One problem: Griffin did his filming with a GoPro pointed at his own face.

In spite of his error, I’m sure Griffin had a good vacation. We think that there’s still plenty of life left in a GoPro, and there’s enough work to do for both devices. Don’t look for your smartphone to be doing the job of a GoPro anytime soon.