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Calling Amateur IT Services Isn’t Worth It

Calling Amateur IT Services Isn’t Worth It

Using amateur IT services for your businesses can end up costing you way more than just time or money. We’re here to tell you why to go with a professional.

At TechStarters, we can’t name how many times we’ve heard customers rant and rave about how much data they lost by calling other computer repair/maintenance/“specialists”.  Amateur computer repair techs, as well as some of the bigger box IT and computer repair groups, often have a major issue that doesn’t really come up on tech forums. More often than not, these groups and amateurs don’t have the training, nor the patience, to do things correctly. Surprisingly, they often will hide this fact through slick marketing and sales lines. Have you heard these lines before?

  • “The only way to get rid of the virus is through a clean install. We can’t save any of your data, sorry.” Though it does take longer, you can remove most viruses without resorting to this option. When people say this, they just want to charge you more for a clean install, do less work, and sound professional. As a business owner, you can’t afford to lose that data and pay more for the “privilege” of doing so.
  • “We don’t need a certification or specialized training, we know what we’re doing.” Actually, they are more likely looking up the problem on Google and praying for an answer.
  • “Oh, you just have to upgrade to the new OS.” Actually, you don’t. In some cases, upgrading to a new OS too early can make it difficult to run the programs that keep your business running smoothly. If you hear this line, and they are just magically selling the operating system they’re suggesting, you know what’s going on.
  • “Shared IT support services? No way!” This is because they can’t, or won’t, do it as efficiently as real pros.
  • “Sorry, we don’t know much about SEO or social media.” We’re sorry, but we view this as a major part of any company’s marketing plan, and it’s 90% about how content interacts with web crawlers. If they can’t even get a social media plan together, why would you trust them with your computer.
  • “Yeah, just toss your receipt in the trash, no need to shred it.” Actually, many people have been victimized by identity thieves and social engineers by not watching out about their garbage disposal methods. Trash is shredded in banks for a good reason. Perhaps you should consider doing the same…and then hiring a company that would actually tell you the truth about the dangers of security breaches.

What we find even more amazing is that many big box groups that don’t even hire qualified technicians often charge an arm and a leg for their IT services, as well as their computer repair services. Why any one would hire unqualified people at top notch prices is beyond us – especially when there’s cheaper, much more qualified tech support just a phone call away. Don’t fall for the big box hype. It might cost your business a lot more than just a couple extra dollars.