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Brand Awareness for All Businesses

Brand Awareness for All Businesses

Today in 2018, it is easier for individuals to search for information about businesses. Technology has helped tremendously with that. This is true for social media, search engines, and many other platforms. There are some businesses, no matter how large or small, that leave a greater impression on an individual than others do. This can be good or bad, depending on what the company has done to leave this impression. There is a specific term for this. The term for this is called brand awareness. Brand awareness is so crucial for any business. This blog post will discuss the importance of brand awareness, its aspects, and the benefits that are a part of it.

Brand Awareness

A question you may ask yourself is; what is brand awareness? Brand awareness is how well a consumer is familiar with the images and qualities of a business. This includes the goods and services that the business offers, how they look to the public, and much more. Brand awareness helps with influencing your customers, which is crucial for your business. There are many large companies that launch impressive brand awareness campaigns which get noticed by a lot of people. But don’t worry, it is not just large businesses that have brand awareness. Small to medium-sized businesses like yours can have a great deal of brand awareness. There are many people in your area who can be aware of your brand!

What Must You Do to Understand Your Target Audience?

Before you can achieve brand awareness, you must grab your target audience’s attention. There also must be a strategy to back it up. One important aspect of brand awareness is marketing research. Understanding your target audience is key to being successful. Without the proper research, your business cannot achieve brand awareness. There will be times where you need to change your strategy to become more successful, as marketing and branding trends ebb and flow. Today, it is much easier performing research on your target audience with the help of technology. With the proper research, you can find out more about your target audiences such as their demographics, thoughts, concerns, actions, and much more. Applying the research and data collected to your business will achieve brand awareness.

Components to Brand Awareness

There are many components that a business should adopt to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Two visual components of brand awareness are logos and slogans. The nerds at #TechStarters can help create your business’ logo to help raise your brand’s awareness. Your logo is a visual representation of your business. Therefore, you make a good impression on an individual, they will see your logo and associate it in a positive manner. With technology like our computers and phones, it is a lot easier to see a business’ logo anywhere. Slogans can be both visual and auditory. You can have your slogan written down and said out loud and people will remember you.

Your products and services are a huge aspect of brand awareness. You would not want to give a consumer a product that will break in a matter of days. You would not want to provide services where your consumer had a terrible experience. If you give your customers the best services and products, they will have a positive view of your business, therefore raising your brand awareness.

One final component of brand awareness is reviews. When someone is looking for a specific product or service, they may read reviews about your company. People can leave reviews on social media sites, or on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They want to know what they are getting into and what they are paying for. If you leave a great impression on other customers, they will leave a good review for your business. With the technology we use today, it is easier to read and write reviews. When an individual has a great experience, it creates word-of-mouth, which is crucial for a business. In return, you will have gained loyal customers and an opportunity to have new ones as well. First impressions are long-lasting; having a good first impression will help with brand awareness.

How to Differentiate

One question that a business may ask is how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and more recognizable? There are many ways a business can do this. Some of these actions require a lot of strategy. A company can create brand awareness using social media. Here at #TechStarters, we can help your business with keeping up to date on social media and creating content for you. Interacting with your customers is important when your business is using social media. They may share their thoughts, concerns, and comments and will appreciate it if you acknowledge them.

Using many different marketing mediums to get your business’ name out there is a great start as well. Several of these marketing mediums are television, magazines, billboards, radio, email, newsletters, and much more! With technology, it is easier to use these mediums and have them reach your target audience, therefore, creating brand awareness!

Another way to create brand awareness is by participating in public events. Some of these public events could be a township’s fun day, a walk to raise awareness for an illness, fundraisers, sports events, and sponsored events. Getting your name out there is the first step in brand awareness. These types of events create brand awareness by giving you an opportunity to reach out to new and old customers. One huge aspect of this is the opportunity is to have your logo placed on any collateral and swag such as bags, tents, tickets, clothing items and more.

Another way to create brand awareness is through press releases. Press releases can contain statements that your business has achieved an award for excellence or to resolve any crisis/situation that your business may have.

Measuring Brand Awareness

Finally, there are a few ways of measuring your business’ brand awareness. First is called brand recognition. Brand recognition is when your audience can easily recognize your logo and images associated with your business. Brand recall is another measure of brand awareness. This is when your audience knows your business’ brand right off the top of their head. There is no need for any visual or auditory reference. The last measure is called tracking, the least used form of brand awareness. Tracking is when a company looks up their name on multiple social media platforms and websites. Businesses do not necessarily use this because it is very time-consuming.


Now that you have read this blog, you have a better understanding of brand awareness. There are so many aspects to brand awareness you may have never been aware of before. Brand awareness is not just about your logo and slogan; it is how you interact with your customers, your products, and your services. You can create brand awareness with public events, press releases, charities, sponsorships, and more. There are a lot of strategies that go into brand awareness and it is important to know your audience too. There are a few different ways to measure brand awareness as well. Brand awareness is crucial for any business, whether they are large or small.