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Body Fans: Beat the Humidity

Body Fans: Beat the Humidity

If you work in an office that is badly overheated or constantly moving, it can feel like you’re in a sauna all year round. It’s hard to believe, but sweating is how your body reacts to excessive heat and cools itself. But there aren’t a lot more embarrassing things that can happen to you than armpit stains.

Instead of carrying around your favorite roll-on brand, you can always turn to technology for the next big thing. A Japanese company named Thanko just may have come up with it this time.

Thanko’s Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler Fan may seem odd in theory, but it has found a level of popularity. According to Japan Trend Shop, this battery-operated fan will keep the perspiration from reaching your pits. The Cooler Fan uses two AAA batteries to operate, or you can connect it to any cell phone battery pack with a USB or micro-USB cable.

The Cooler Fan is very compact, standing 2.3 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches, and weighs one ounce. You just need to clip it to the inside of your sleeve and choose one of three power levels, presumably, gentle breeze, the wind, or tornado. You can clip it to the front of your shirt for areas of more profuse sweating, or purchase extras to wear.

Thanko’s Cooler Fan is so discreet that it won’t be noticed in an office environment, and you can run it for five to nine hours, depending upon which power setting you decide to use. Gizmodo reports that you can buy a pair of them from Thanko for about $36 in American currency.

A similar cooling item is geared toward the ladies. The Cool on the Go Necklace Clip Fan features a folding clip that can attach to a computer bag, a purse strap, or on the canopy of a baby stroller. According to The Warming Store, Cool on the Go is a hands-free cooling device that contains three multipurpose accessories.

The device operates on four AA alkaline batteries but includes a D/C input and USB adapter to eliminate the need for them. The batteries provide up to four hours of hands-free cooling. The device comes with accessories including an adjustable lanyard and armband and belt loop slots on the back. A Goose Neck Mount, a USB Car Adapter, an A/C Power Adapter are sold separately.

After Cool on the Go is secured around the neck through the loops with the lanyard, the user’s cooling distance can be adjusted toward the chest, back, neck, face, or back of the head.

So when it comes to beating the heat anytime anywhere, you can thank these amazing companies for your cooling needs.