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Biometrics for Your Business: Fingerprint Scanners and More

Biometrics for Your Business: Fingerprint Scanners and More

Security is always an important factor when it comes to your business. Here at TechStarters, we not only care about digital security, such as encrypting and protecting file servers for your business, but we believe in physical security as well. From locking your doors to your office or front door to having a safe, there is always a better way to keep your business safe during the night. One of the best ways to provide a secure business space for business owners is by means of a security measure called “biometrics.” This is a form of security that utilizes human features as a form of password to prevent a breach of security from intruders. Today, the Nerds at TechStarters will show you the benefits of biometrics in the latest security technology.

When defining biometrics, the department of homeland security describes it as the unique characteristics used for automated recognition in security. For most businesses, the most common form of biometric security is the use of fingerprint locks. They offer various forms of protection for office security in the form of fingerprint scanning, a mechanical key, and a pin number code. By scanning a user’s fingerprint, it unlocks the security lock and can even unlock access to personal computers, offering a higher level of security than that of a passcode. These locks can be attached to your front door or replace your doorknob, such as the Ardwood A1 biometric lock. In other cases, they can be used to protect your computer or smartphone, as some devices are actually equipped with built-in fingerprint scanners to replace password logins.

Fingerprint scanners are not the only “biometric” means of protecting your business. Biometric security also includes voice recognition software, which, outside of offering security, is commonly used in speech to text programs. Finally, there is face recognition software that scans facial features to keep your technology secure. Most recently, Apple has introduced facial recognition software in their latest iPhone called Face ID. Although it offers great options for security, it is not completely effective at securing your phone from intruders, but it does offer a layer of security to keep your products safe from intruders.

Overall, biometrics offer an additional form of security for small businesses and even bigger corporations. In fact, much like with Face ID for the latest iPhone, plenty of technology is pushing to use biometrics as a form of two-step authentication to protect from hackers and online thieves. It’s important to remember that biometrics are not necessarily 100% hackproof. This type of technology has its share of vulnerabilities, such as the possibility of taking someone else’s fingerprint and using it on a scanner to open the lock, with special products that anyone could buy for as low as ten dollars. While that is disheartening to hear firsthand, we recommend to always have a backup method of security or use multiple security methods to ensure that your business stays safe and secure.