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Better Bluetooth, Better Communication

Better Bluetooth, Better Communication

According to Forbes/Tech, Bluetooth is set for a 100 percent speed boost with better range in 2016, versus the current standard. The leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Tech also shared that power consumption won’t increase as a result of this speed boost either.

This announcement demonstrates that Bluetooth is prepared to respond to the increase in demand for this short-range wireless interconnection of cellular phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Today, most smartphones utilize this device to maintain communication with beacons and other devices across the span of their network—enabling businesses to manage products and communication with customers at improved rates. Here are three reasons why Bluetooth is a beneficial technology: 

Connecting Multiple Devices

With Bluetooth technology, connecting multiple devices is quick and easy. Although the exact interface for setup varies between devices, the process to connect the devices involves making it discoverable while the other scans. Once the scanning device locates the discoverable signal, the next step is to initiate the connection by entering the PIN number as directed in the Bluetooth user’s manual. After this is completed, a user should not be required to have to reconnect the paired devices again.

By connecting two or more devices, this enables communication between these devices to occur at an increased rate of proficiency. This limits the amount of hardware required to process information between these devices because they are able to speak directly to one another. Consequentially, this also eliminates the need for additional wires or connecting cables when traveling with wireless devices.

Also, because Bluetooth is standardized wireless, or possessing a high level of compatibility among devices, compatibility is increased. Even if two devices are not the same model, Bluetooth is still able to connect them with little interference from other wireless devices. This is possible through Bluetooth’s practices of frequency hopping and low-grade wireless signals.

Wireless Sharing

Through Bluetooth, cell phone and headset usage better enables voice communication. The wireless aspect of this technology also makes simple completing other tasks simple, such as driving, while attending to a business’s communication needs. Also because up to seven Bluetooth devices can be connected to each other within a 30 foot range, an advances Personal Network can be attained.

A smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled PC can be further paired together to send files back and forth. Wireless file transfers can be useful to transfer large amounts of music or pictures. Two Bluetooth-enabled computers can also be paired, allowing for the sending and receiving of wireless files, as if it were between a computer and a smartphone—even if each is on a separate network.

Constant Improvements

As demonstrated by Forbes, Bluetooth technology is getting better with age. Now, a headset can make hands-free calls and share data without a physical connection. Therefore, the universalizing evolving standard for Bluetooth technology is being raised. One example of a vast improvement to this standard is that Bluetooth now adds the ability to browse and search all of the media on the connected device.

Bluetooth’s desire to remain as a world wide standard for wireless internet use has helped it remain a competitive technology, and will continue to help it for years to come. As its use becomes increasingly widespread, more devices will start becoming compatible with the product making its use grow exponentially.