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Benefits of Microsoft ‘Cloud-Forged’ Exchange Server 2016

Benefits of Microsoft ‘Cloud-Forged’ Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft recently released the on-premises version of its latest email server which features a focus on improved workplace collaboration and faster search options. Forged in the cloud, this release brings Exchange bits that already power millions of Office 365 mailboxes to one’s own on-premise environment. This is an incredibly useful tool to maintaining a modern messaging infrastructure. Here are some of the newest improvements featured by this server:

1) Email Improvements

One of the newest features of Exchange Server 2016 is that there exists an updated approach to attachment sharing. This system integrates some collaborative features found in Office, simplifying document-sharing and eliminating version control stipulations. Additionally, in Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the Web, documents can now be attached as links to Sharepoint 2016, which currently opens in preview. They can also be attached to OneDrive for Business to allow for the benefits of co-authoring and version control, rather than operating as a traditional attachment.

2) Search Innovations

Revamped to deliver more accurate and complete results, search has been optimized to apply search suggestions, people suggestions, search refiners and the ability to search for events in one’s calendar. Search improvements will deliver more accurate and complete results while helping individuals to find items faster across both old and new mail and documents. Faster server and email approach techniques will save companies and professionals time.

3) Enhanced Functionality

Within the new system is also an improved mobile-enabled, browser-based Outlook component. This is especially useful due to societies increased usage of mobile technology over house-hold computers. Strengthening the system capabilities, inbox access via the Web can now pin items, undo actions and include emoji content within messages. Additionally, the application now supports single-line inbox view, new themes and improvements to its HTML engine.

4) Server Upgrade

Through a faster, more reliable pipeline, e-discovery projects will become further applicable throughout Exchange 2016. Multiple server sharing across the workplace is also capable due to a new, asynchronous and distributed search architecture. With a more modern user interface and toolset, the email server software also improves on administration and management experience. This means, server outages and failures should be far and few between.

5) Database Repair

Exchange 2016 offers new automated database repair capabilities which include database divergence detection. In addition, this implementation incorporates stability and performance enhancements which establishes a sturdier software foundation for an organization’s email system. This makes outreach and internal email infrastructure easier and more capable of being maintained.

Overall, Microsoft’Cloud-Forged’ Exchange Server is an improved workplace option when compared to its predecessors. Its new improvements give it the edge over its competitor software, and because of its faster search options it is also more efficient. When efficiency is optimized, a company’s essential communication capabilities are further enhanced. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 is now available for download.