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The Auto-Receptionist: The Benefits of The Automated Phone System

The Auto-Receptionist: The Benefits of The Automated Phone System

For any business experiencing an influx of customers, managing a multitude of incoming calls can quickly become an overwhelming task. Some calls may be brand new customers that want to do business with you, while others may be solicitors or other cold-calls that easily consume and waste a business’s time. The great news is that thanks to the benefits of automation, implementing your own automated phone system into your business can save not only your businesses time but also your save your customers time as well. Here at TechStarters, the nerds are here to show you why your business should have automated phone systems, and how it will improve your business as a result.

A general concept for an automated phone system can trace back to a voice messaging system, where any caller can leave a message if the call does not go through. It saves time and allows the other user to track and contact missed-calls on their terms. With an automated phone system, such as with Vonage and Ring Central, your business can also organize calls based on what number a person presses, allowing customers to be transferred directly to the appropriate department of your business where their needs can instantly be met.

One of the best reasons for businesses to implement their own phone system is that it can be programmed to deliver reminders to customers, such as an automated voice-message reminder for an upcoming appointment. The important factor to keep in mind when using this feature is to never seem intrusive, as there is a fine line between sending scheduled reminders and acting intrusive through a robotic messaging system. Any good business should prepare an automated script, recorded by a human voice so that it sounds organic and welcoming for the end user.