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The Benefits of Linux in Business

The Benefits of Linux in Business

Businesses today, with tighter wallets and facing tough choices, choose to stay with obsolete systems and eventually become vulnerable to hackers, or use a large part of their budget to upgrade to new hardware and software.

What some business owners actually may not realize is that Linux can help preserve those investments while being safe at the same time.

For example, you may find yourself at your place of work with a dozen or more computers all running an older version of Windows that is no longer supported, but it’s operating just fine. Your business will most likely consider the cost of upgrading your machines unnecessary since everything on the outside is running so smoothly. What you may not know, though, is that those unsupported machines can become highly exposed to malicious bugs and viruses, making them easy targets for hackers looking to intercept your devices. Most systems older than Windows Vista are more than likely unsupported if your devices fall victim to a virus, or even worse, ransomware.

The repair or recovery of such potentially affected devices can be extremely costly and dangerous for a business that might not have the budget for such a disaster. Enter a slightly altered solution for those unsupported machines: Linux.

Linux will run far more securely on those older machines than an unsupported version of Windows will. The installation base of end-user Linux Distros is much smaller than a Windows platform, so it is not a huge target for incoming hackers. Also, since there are so many variations currently out, it is difficult for a hacker to predict the version being used. They would have a much harder time attempting to locate a vulnerability in your system.

For even greater protection, with Linux installed, smaller businesses may find the use of Office 365 or other cloud-based programs more secure and less burdensome when replacing large amounts of software. More cloud services would also require less maintenance for employees.

In summary, it may seem fine to have older machines that run near flawlessly on your work, but in the modern era we live in, that often invites viruses and the like; modern-era safeguards are practically essential. An upgrade such as Linux is worth it, especially if it’s from a secure source.