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The Basics of Disk Defragmenting

The Basics of Disk Defragmenting

All devices no matter how well we take care of them will age with time, and your files and memory space can be affected by it. Whether it is your personal or work computer, the internal storage can suffer from fragmented files and worse even slow down your computers ability to work functionally. There is no cause for alarm, fortunately, since all Windows computers are equipped with the tools to clean your computer and keep it running faster for a long time. This is a process called disk defragmentation, and today, the nerds at TechStarters will discuss what it is, how it works, and why your computer needs it.

Before we discuss what the purpose of disk defragmenting, it’s important to understand what fragmentation is and how it affects your files. This is caused when the contents of a file ages, causing issues when loading a file for use. Your computer’s hard drive takes time to load each file it had stored on their computers. It causes increased data space and as a result, increases the memory space of a computers disk space. As a result, the more your files are fragmented the slower your computer is overall. Defragging your computer is essential to improving your computer’s overall performance, but there are steps needed in order to ensure your files do not end up fragmented next time.

Defragmentation on the latest Windows operating systems occurs automatically, about once a week that can be rescheduled for any time frame.  If you are using an older version of windows, before Windows 7, then you will need to manually defrag the computer. In case that you do need to manually defrag your computer, here is a step by step guide to ensure you can defrag your computer with ease.

1.) Open disk optimization tool from your taskbar or from your programs file

2.) Select the hard drive you wish to defrag, you can also choose from external hard drives as well so long as they are connected

3.) Press Analyze on the hard drive you wish to defrag and afterward select optimize to begin the process.

In such a case, reaching out to an IT service professional like TechStarters can ease not only the stress of losing files, but help secure and transfer important information to your newly defragged computer to ensure the quality of assurance and protection.