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Backlinks: How To Get Them & What They Are

Backlinks: How To Get Them & What They Are

Backlinks, along with other factors, determine how well your website is ranked on search engines. We’ll tell you what they are and how to get them for SEO.

In order to get clout in the SEO game, you will have to have sites that refer people to your website. When a site links back to your site, it’s called a backlink. The more backlinks you have, the better off your SEO endeavors are, since search engines will see more backlinked sites as more legitimate. More legitimate sites get higher SEO rankings. That’s what a backlink is, and why so many SEO experts love them.

But, there’s more to backlinks than just getting them. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The site that refers traffic to your site also matters. Backlink farms, virus-heavy sites, and directories do not fare well in SEO. The sketchier the site, the worse it reads on crawlers. The best “neighborhoods” to get links from include social media, government sites, and educational sites. The more well known the site, the better your backlink.
  • Bad backlinks can end up backfiring. Google is a believer that “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.” In other words, it does everything possible to keep “bad neighborhoods” out of its search engine results. If you keep getting a lot of backlinks from bad sites, then you may actually get banned from Google as a suspicious site – even if you’re doing nothing wrong!
  • You can get backlinks through advertising on sites or doing backlink deals. This is a common way that new sites build up a user base. By getting guest bloggers to talk about your site, getting online advertising on major sites, and other similar backlink methods, you get more ranking. It’s important to point out that buying backlinks from major sites is often considered shady, but, when done with tact, often makes for a great way to establish business relationships and improve SEO standing.
  • Did we mention backlinks also work when referred by social media? This actually reads as organic traffic backlinks, and is seen as favorable by search engines. Encourage your followers to share your articles! This is an easy way to get this done. Also, have a Facebook, G+, and LinkedIn for your business, too. There’s nothing better than free backlinks.
  • It’s important to avoid bot backlinking, though. Much like people, web crawlers can tell the difference between a person and a bot posting a link. If you’ve ever seen all those Facebook comment posts done by “people” who claim that they make $9900 per month “just by visiting this link” you already know what we’re talking about here. Bot-linked sites are often banned from Google.

The number of good, high quality backlinks that you receive will make a massive difference in the amount of traffic that you get, as well as the reputation of your site. There’s a reason why so many SEO experts work so hard to get quality backlinks. The reason is because it does make a huge impact on a person’s SEO work, and that it does improve the image that a company’s site has on the net.