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Augmented Reality for Your Business

Augmented Reality for Your Business

As we come towards the end of 2017, we can look back and see that this was a big year for reality-changing technology, specifically virtual reality and augmented reality. Products like the Oculus Rift have revolutionized the idea of virtual reality. However, today we will be focusing on augmented reality (AR), and how its application can prove to be useful to the future of businesses.

Firstly, augmented reality is the process of using a device to present computer layered images to display onto the real world. From there the user can interact with what is displayed from a device using motion tracking software and your body. Virtual reality on the other hand also plays with reality in interesting ways but instead uses headsets to develop a new reality by affecting your overall senses rather than displaying it on a device. As it stands, the best examples of augmented reality can be found in videogames, such as the once popular Pokémon Go with its ability to capture small creatures with the help of your smartphone. You might be thinking “What can it do outside of video games? What can it bring to a business?” We’re glad you asked! If you are looking for a productive use of augmented reality, Ikea has introduced their AR app on android and iPhone devices that allows you to position furniture in a room before setting up. This is thanks to the help of Apple’s ARKit, which allows app developers to use augmented reality for real-world applications. With education applications rising, augmented reality has more use in developing location-based software for learning than for games and entertainment combined. For instance, MIT is implementing augmented reality into new ways to teach students through virtual simulations and game design concepts.

Popular science fiction like Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey can be credited with inspiring great products like tablets and smartwatches. In a way, augmented reality and virtual reality technology grew from famous sci-fi media like Tron that allow humans to integrate with technology and the real world. Now both VR and AR technology is growing fast, and the time is now to keep a close eye on what it can do next, for both people and for businesses.