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Artificial Intelligence: What Small Business Needs to Know Right Now

Artificial Intelligence: What Small Business Needs to Know Right Now

There was a point in history where hard working men and women once dreamed of handing off their mundane activities at their job to automated machines. With the invention of labor-saving devices going all the way back to the 1930s, those days of wishing are pretty much no more.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence into the working world has shown to be effective at automating repetitive tasks that employees and small business owners used to spend a lot of wasted time on. AI allows workers to free up that time to focus on more thoughtful and important tasks throughout their day. For example, a sales employee can use a smart CRM to enter data on their behalf so they have more time to build relationships with their customers. A human resources employee and utilize smart recruiting software to filter job applicants far more effectively.

In a small business setting, AI applications can supercharge operational processes and workflows, allowing owners to spend less time on small tasks and spend more time growing their business.

So what can these AI apps exactly do? For one thing, AI apps such as Amy by company are designed with a narrow focus so they can perform more complex tasks. AI apps can schedule your meetings, answer frequently asked questions by your customers, and generate notifications personalized to you.

There are apps that can dynamically adjust anything from marketing campaigns to signals from your audience and apps that analyze buying behavior from your customers. One example is DataRPM, a program that collects customer data. By utilizing these AI apps in small business, organizations can reveal opportunities to think differently, while generating new solutions for ultimate business growth. This in turn potentially tips the scales in favor for small businesses and the like.

Small businesses that are capable of leveraging AI early on will achieve better efficiency well before others who may just be discovering AI techniques. AI should be woven into all your business processes, regardless of size. Luckily, most small businesses have much less weaving to do when accommodating new technology. Owners who accommodate this technology will better position themselves to be far more customer-centric, focusing on the more important work activities at hand.

So with all of this AI being implemented, what can small businesses do today to really get ahead in the game? Adopting AI into your organization is really no different than deploying actionable data or making a switch from paper to email processes. The keys are having the right mindset and adopting your AI properly to take each change step-by-step. It’s also important to realize that AI isn’t here to destroy jobs, but rather to gain efficiency in your workplace over a period of time. It won’t be an overnight success. AI will need time to transition your small business into a cleaner operating machine.

A large part of AI today only scratches the mere surface of what can be accomplished. In the future of tech, these AI apps will eventually not even be considered to be AI anymore. Rather, AI will be ubiquitous and go hand-in-hand with other processes we so easily take for granted.