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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Think, and Your Business

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Think, and Your Business

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Today in 2018, we are constantly seeing technology changing before our eyes. Technology is continuously advancing every year with new innovations and inventions being made all the time. An example would be the first search engine. In 1990, Archie, the first search engine was created.  Archie went on to become the foundation for today’s most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With search engines being one of the most used platforms for people to look up information, marketers heavily rely on search engines. Marketers use a technique called Search Engine Optimization to help rank any company higher in search engine results. So, how is it that search engines can do all of this? The answer is the use of artificial intelligence and machine think! This blog post will go over what these two aspects of technology are, and how marketers have benefited from them.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When most people hear of artificial intelligence, also known as AI, they automatically assume robots and science fiction technology. People have even seen the test videos from Google’s AI development. Well, if you thought that, you are not wrong; however, this is a different type of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the development and theory of computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Some examples of artificial intelligence are visual perception, decision-making, translation between languages, speech recognition, and much more. There are two types of artificial intelligence, applied and generalized. Applied artificial intelligence is the most common, and it is an essential part of most technology we use daily. Generalized artificial intelligence is not as common as applied because it is more complex to create.

What is Machine Learning?

A question you may ask yourself is how does technology know what to do? Artificial intelligence relies heavily on machine learning. These two attributes to technology are NOT the same, as some people would think. A branch of artificial intelligence is machine learning. It is based on the idea of building machines to process any data that is given to them. For example, as mentioned before, an aspect of Artificial Intelligence is visual perception. Programmers teach the machine to tell the difference between a dog and a cat, or a fish and a bird. When someone goes into a search engine and looks up a picture of a fish, a machine knows a description of fish. As a result, can provide us with thousands of images of fish throughout the World Wide Web. Machine learning has developed because of Artificial Intelligence.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

How have individuals benefited from artificial intelligence? Many people use this technology in our daily lives without even realizing it. Artificial Intelligence is so common even streaming services use it! These services include music, movies, television, and more. In business, people have benefited from artificial intelligence for SEO purposes. The nerds at #TechStarters rely on the Artificial Intelligence used in search engines to provide you with the best SEO. Businesses have benefited from AI in many different ways. AI cost and time efficient, faster to make decisions for a business, and AI avoids human error.

Marketers have benefited from Artificial Intelligence from having a significant amount of numbers and data to collect. Databases store information for marketers to make the decision for the business they work for. The process of data collected to help identify the demographics of the target audience is called data mining. The numbers and data collected help understand the audience’s analytics. As mentioned before, search engine optimization is another well-known benefit. The use of Artificial Intelligence has made it easier to analyze real time data and make quicker, better marketing decisions for companies across the web.


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow and the technology behind it will grow after 2018. Artificial Intelligence is not just about robots, but it is about making faster decisions and machine learning as well. Artificial Intelligence teaches computers how to “think” so an individual can retrieve the data they desire. Everyone has benefited from technology with streaming our movies, television shows, and music. Businesses have benefited from technology with search engine optimization, data mining, databases, and much more.