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Apps for the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Apps for the 2016 Presidential Candidates

We are right in the middle of the 2016 Presidential campaign. Actually, candidates have been making statements and posturing since early in 2015, even though the actual election doesn’t even take place until November 2016. It only seems like the campaign began in December 2012.

A lot of people enjoy everything about politics. But if more than 20 debates featuring about 20 candidates between the two parties aren’t enough for you, they have also developed a significant social media presence. And we’ve found six free apps that should offer you all the information you need to know about your favorite candidate- and more.

1.) Presidential Candidates 2016.

Devin Miller’s app lets a user find all the information they could need about their favorite candidate in one convenient location. Presidential Candidates 2016 features candidate platforms on the important issues, schedules for upcoming debates and primaries, and links to candidates’ websites.

Updates, opinion polls and leaders are also included. The app includes information on both Democratic and Republican candidates.

2.) Fox News Election HQ 2016.

This app gives you in-depth coverage of election happenings, and allows you to find which candidate you align with most. It features interactive live debates and debate scorecards, and you can interact with Fox personalities on Facebook and Twitter in real time without leaving the app.

Fox News also offers election updates, op-ed columns from candidates and Fox News contributors, and push notifications. Fox News calls this a Fair and Balanced app.

3.) US Politics News.

This app claims to provide full and unbiased news that is constantly updating. Stories are not repeated, and your prioritized feed puts the most important news items at the top.

A user can create their own news feed by choosing their favorite topics and blocking the ones that don’t interest them. A Read Later feature lets users save items to read at another time, and a political video channel has been curated from YouTube.

4.) Hillmoji.

A Hillmoji keyboard allows users to text with their friends using more than 30 Hillary Clinton images, stickers and GIFs. The Text With Hill Keyboard works with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and yes, email. Messages on the stickers include: “Madam President” and “I can’t, I’m busy breaking glass ceilings.”

5.) Candidate Selfie.

Yes, what we have here is an app that will let you take a selfie with your favorite candidate. The app also serves as a poll, keeping score of which candidates take the most selfies. It may be oddly accurate, because party leaders in selfies at this writing are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

6.) Trump Filter.

Whatever you may think of candidate Trump, his name will always evoke a reaction.

Every word the man says seems to wind up in news reports or late night comedy. Trump Filter developer Rob Spectre wants to “erase Donald Trump from the Internet.” Spectre writes on his Google Chrome extension:

The only way to deflate Trump’s political star is through suffocation. Trump can only lose if we turn off the TV. Thus, Trump Filter is presented as part of the antidote for this toxic candidacy. This Chrome extension will identify parts of a web page likely to contain Donald Trump and erase them from the Internet.

This app searches web pages you visit for references to Trump and eliminates them on levels of Mild, Aggressive or Vindictive. Spectre insists that his app does not track your web usage.

There will be a lot more political news happening as the election draws closer. We will report on the apps available that offer information on both parties, and you can decide whether they fit your needs.