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API and Your Website: Integrating Google Data into Your Website

API and Your Website: Integrating Google Data into Your Website

For businesses that work with sales data, information, and numbers, the best way to keep your customers trust is to always show proof of your work. There is nothing better than being able to back up your work will valuable data that was collected from concrete resources, especially if you have the internet to back you up. If you want to improve your website, whether for business or for yourself, then it is time to look into API’s.

Application program interface or an API is the process of how software from an application interacts with a webpage. It incorporates data from different websites, data libraries, and programs to allow users to interact with what is displayed on a screen. If it sounds a tad bit complicated, then imagine an API as the go-between for displaying and sharing information through a different program. This includes information like Google maps data to even sales data for a product, which can be displayed on your website so long as you have the right plugins or programs to display the data.

Let us take a look at an example on a small business level. Using API’s can improve your local businesses searchability, by sharing your location on your website using programs like Google maps API. This allows your location data to connect to Google’s other services, including Adwords and Gmail to connect and reach out to both Google and your audience. This is especially useful for local businesses who need that quick searchability for customers to find them and earn positive reviews. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities of API programs. Developers can use data collected from API programs to create just about anything. Google, in particular, offers plenty of options for businesses to input their own API diagrams to display sales statistics, improve web experiences, and even offer autonomous solutions to online businesses for your customers. Google’s API cloud platform is a perfect tool to help you get started developing new programs for both your business and website.