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Antivirus and Malware on Apple Computers

Antivirus and Malware on Apple Computers

This past June Apple computers came under attack from a minimum of six active distribution threats. Some of these were even able to circumvent the security measures that Apple has constructed into its operating systems. They are cloaked as Adobe Flash updates and installs. Sometimes they are even Safari extensions. So what can you do? Add Antivirus and malware on Apple computers.

Know What the Threats Are

Malware that acts as an update to Gatekeeper functions by bypassing the firewall. It will then install Malware on the network-shared disks. Therefore, this is particularly nasty to companies that have Apple workstations/laptops on their network. Another is on an installer for high-end music production software. It breaks into digital banking transactions. And gives the user information away to the hacker.

These are easy to install because they look like genuine installs and updates. The only way to safeguard your network is to have antivirus and malware on Apple computers that identify these hidden files.

What Options Are Out There

There are many different choices available for your Mac, and Techstarters offers a managed virus and malware service as well. Our service includes:

  • alerts when a threat is found
  • quarantines and removes it immediately
  • real-time protection of all usage, catch viruses before they get into your computer
  • the ability to configure anti-virus and anti-malware policies
  • automated updates to protection package keep your system up to date


If you suspect that a virus or a type of malware has infected your computer, server, or a network of machines, call TechStarters. We are the best chance you have; our experience and commercial grade virus removal tools will help in removing existing software viruses & malware from your business computers, windows servers, and your network.