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Anti-Malware Protection: Why It’s Important

Anti-Malware Protection: Why It’s Important

In the world of constant updates, technology can be out of date due to new products and features. However, one thing you should not over-look is your anti-malware software. It is important to remember that not all technology betters the world. There are people who do not have the best intentions; they mean to do more harm than good. With the threat of virus attacks continuing to loom over companies and businesses in the technology industry, it has become critical to tread carefully. For example, when downloading from the internet, visiting new websites, or opening email attachments. Be that as it may, you can avoid malware for the most part by using common computer safety practices. However, do not worry because your anti-malware software monitors your computer and protects your files.

What is Malware?

It is important to understand what malware is, and how an anti-malware program works as to get rid of any possible confusion. Malware, according to the Harvard Law School’s Information Technology Services, is a term that can be referred to as a software or a program which performs undesirable actions on the computer of the person or persons affected. While malware is a blanket term, there are different types of malware such as viruses, Trojans, and worms. Generally, anti-malware programs work by scanning files in search for a signature of malicious viruses known to the program. This signature contains a pattern which appears in every copy of a virus. Once it identifies the pattern, it downloads through the scanner to a list which the program logs the virus into. The list is kept by the scanner so that it can be referred to later during a future scan. As there are different types of malware, an anti-malware program will deal with them differently.

For example, a computer worm is a kind of malware which replicates itself to spread to multiple computers. They are actually easier to detect during a scan than a computer virus because the worm exists within their own file. The scanner can pin-point where the file is originating from and take care of the worm. So why is having protection against malware so important?  Systems constantly upgrade and there are seemingly endless patches to install. Malware can slip through the cracks, and even the savviest of technology people can fall victim to viruses and malware. By having the right anti-malware software, you can be confident that you have a secure safety net for your files.

Anti-Malware Software

There are those who suggest getting a password manager, which can protect your private accounts by keeping your passwords organized. While these are effective additional methods for protection, they cannot totally replace your anti-malware software. Your anti-virus software allows you to have peace of mind that your computer is completely protected. WatchGuard is #TechStarters’ trusted partner and number one choice in malware protection. With this program, we can quarantine any threat and remove it immediately. Through our partnership with WatchGuard#TechStarters provides real-time protection against security threats such as advanced malware and ransomware while keeping your systems up to date so you never in doubt concerning the quality of your protection.