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Top 7 Virtual Personal Assistants

Top 7 Virtual Personal Assistants

Does the pace of today’s highly tech-oriented society leave you highly disorganized? Perhaps you need to make some of that technology work in your favor to get a daily schedule going.

A lot of companies have been developing their own personal assistants to help you put your days back together. It started in 2011 when Apple introduced smart personal assistant Siri into its iPhone 4s. Siri is voice activated, and you can speak to it like you were having a conversation with a friend. Except Siri may be smarter than some of your friends.

Soon Yahoo, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft came up with their own smart virtual assistants, while others came in the form of applications. We’ve collected 7 of the best personal assistants on the market today for you to consider if your day planner needs to be organized better.

1.) Siri

Apple’s Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface operates on an interactive system that learns a user’s language patterns and search preferences. You can ask Siri questions, and it will complete errands and make calls for you. Siri can schedule appointments for you, recommend movies or restaurants, serve as your GPS service, and much more.

Siri acquires its knowledge through services like HomeKit, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia, and Yelp. You can operate Siri through your iPad, iPhone, or iPad Touch.

2.) Google Now

This intelligent personal assistant organizes the story of your life into cards. GoogleNow gets its information from Calendars, Maps and You Tube, and other Google services accessed by the user.

3.) Cortana

Cortana is the personal assistant from Microsoft that came with Windows Phone 8.1 system back in 2014 and is included in Windows 10. Cortana can track your package deliveries, organize your schedule, and find files for you. Offer reminders, and even chat and tell jokes.

The service makes its searches with Microsoft Bing. Cortana comes with music recognition service and has the capability of flipping a coin and rolling dice. It is named after Cortana of Microsoft’s video game Halo and is voiced in the U.S. by Jen Taylor.

4.) FacebookM

Facebook M helps users organize their activities with software that is operated by humans. M uses Facebook workers and artificial intelligence to make sure users get the answers to their questions. They usually involve searching for movies and restaurants, booking travel plans and reminders.

5.) Speaktoit

This assistant sends messages, makes calls and opens websites. Speaktoit organizes your schedule and updates your social network information. It is not gender specific, and can be made into a male or female.

6.) 24me

The service 24me provides your to-do lists, reminders, and assorted notes. It even reminds you to pay bills. This function is one of the most highly rated productivity apps on the App store.

7.) Braina

Brain Artificial is a virtual assistant for Windows PCs. It completes its requests through a speech recognition system. Braina is all business: it is intended as office and home productivity software to complete your tasks and doesn’t have time for chats or jokes.

These are part of the first generation of assistants; now the creators of Siri are ready for the next. Siri’s co-creators Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer have developed Viv, an advanced personal assistant. According to Apple Insider, the men hope Viv will connect users with more businesses and services.

We realize that your schedules are getting tougher in today’s world, but it seems like we hardly knew Siri.