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7 Smartphone Games Besides Pokemon Go

7 Smartphone Games Besides Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go quickly became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history within days of its release. SurveyMonkey statistics stated that the game beat out Clash Royale from Supercell and as the top game of 2016.

To those of you out of the loop, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that will certainly make players use their physical abilities as opposed to standard games. Probably the finest aspect of Nintendo’s smartphone game Pokemon Go is that it requires users to go outside and be active. Stories sparked of proactive life changes to even stories of meeting new people came from the early days of Pokemon Go when it was still active.

But if you and any other users are looking for something else to add to your game list then we’ve found seven other choices that will keep you occupied and on the go.

1.) Clash Royale
The above-mentioned Clash Royale is a video game that focuses on an online battle arena, tower defense, and card game elements. Players collect Clash Troops and enter the battle arena in a real-time multi-player game. Players create their own Battle Deck to defeat opponents and fight through a series of Arenas to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Created by the makers of Clash of the Clans, this game allows players to form a Clan and create their own battle community. Users build and upgrade their collection of units and even challenge their own Clanmates to duels. 

In, the other leading game of 2016, players compete to become the longest snake in the arena. It is set up as a multiplayer browser game where the objective is to eat pellets with your snake-like avatar to grow to become the longest. If your snakes head touches another player, your snake explodes and dies. But if another player hits your snake, they explode and you can eat their remains to grow longer.

3.) Clandestine Anomaly
This game lets players defend their real-world city against aliens. The alien vessel initially enters your territory at incredible speeds, and you have to react fast to avoid having it destroy your home.

You will need to build barriers to defend your city and launch attacks. You also work with a covert defense organization from Earth to prevent the aliens from spreading an infection across your planet. You can fight at your defense command center, or you can battle in the streets in this augmented reality game.

4.) Geocaching
Geocaching is an augmented reality game that is played outdoors, and players use their phones GPS app to find containers around the world. Sound familiar? Well, some of the containers are holding small trinkets that can be traded. The caches contain a log book that must be signed with a players code name and must be returned to where they originally found it.

5.) SpecTrek
SpecTrek is a game of ghost hunting, with a focus on augmented reality. You use your GPS map to locate the game’s evil spirits and receive your score through awards, statistics, records, and titles. 

6.) Zombies, Run!
Zombies, Run! Is played by more than two million “zombie escapists” from around the world. Players have to survive a zombie apocalypse. Users need to put on a pair of headphones and go outside to play. The run starts when you hear the zombies groaning and shrieking through your headphones. Along the way, users collect a list of supplies and items to help grow their human outpost.

7.) Superhero Workout
Developed by the crew that made Zombies, Run!, Superhero Workout is a workout app that plays similarly to Zombies, Run! Players have to defend the world against an alien invasion. As the title suggests, players need to be in real world condition to accomplish that mission.

Well, these options and Pokemon Go give a player more opportunity to get outside than a craze like the Candy Crush series. But always remember to use common sense when using these apps, as getting deeply immersed can leave to some fatal accidents.