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6 Weather Apps to Use Before Taking Your Vacation

6 Weather Apps to Use Before Taking Your Vacation

Everyone talks about the winter weather and global warming, but how many of us are really ready for the conditions we might face in our area?

Here on the East Coast, January 2016 brought the first major snowstorm of the winter season. Some of us were prepared; while many others mobbed their local grocery stores and supermarkets for things we wouldn’t buy most weekends anyway.

Warm weather days are another story altogether. And your summertime trip will be more than just another day at the beach if you study a weather app before going on your journey. We’ve selected six of our favorite weather apps that you might consider before  scheduling an outing:

1.) The Google Weather App
Google has updated its Android app to provide a lot more detailed information about the weather. When you ask Google if it will rain today or type in weather, the app displays the probability of rain, severe weather alerts, the 10-day forecast and a lot more.

You also receive hourly weather conditions and the UV index. Google Now even tells you about traffic conditions on your way to work. You can also save locations for weather updates.

2.) The Weather Channel App
The Weather Channel app promises that it will tell you the weather anywhere, right now. The app tells hourly, 15-day and weekend forecasts based on your current location. Its weather maps provide humidity, sunrise, sunset, barometric pressure and wind speeds.

You will receive severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service, along with pollen counts. And the app has an exclusive 6-minute program called “The Lift” featuring Al Roker and others with weather information, science and nature news.

3.) Weather Underground
This Weather Underground Android app collects information from more than 100,000 local weather stations around the country to put together accurate updates for your location. It also features satellite maps, interactive radar, and severe weather alerts.

You can also get instant status notification with your current temperature, wind speeds, visibility, and “feels-like” temperature. The app also has an interactive map, and you can switch between the National Weather Service forecast and Forecast on Demand.

4.) Accu-Weather App
This app now features a hyper-localized minute-by-minute precipitation forecast. It has accurate forecasts for every latitude and longitude on Earth, and updates current weather conditions every 15 minutes.

5.) WeatherBug
This app gives real-time forecasts for 2.6 million locations around the world. It also offers live weather cams from more than 2,000 locations across the US, and live traffic cams. It will even give you lifestyle suggestions based on weather conditions in your area.

And WeatherBug Home can tell you how much heating or cooling energy your home will need to keep every one comfortable.

6.) Morecast
The Morecast app has an easy-to-use interface. Current weather is at the top, followed by more details, tomorrow’s weather and the 7-day forecast. It has interactive Doppler radar, live webcams, on-route weather and navigation and weather maps. Morecast even has a snowstorm tracker.

Whether you’re tracking a snowstorm or just looking for a sunny day at the beach, one of these apps should supply all the information you need. Be sure and pack one ahead of time before you plan your next trip.