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6 Ways to Build a Better Website for Your Business

6 Ways to Build a Better Website for Your Business

Creating a viable web presence for your business is vital today in order to maximize your sales potential. You will find today that many of your target customers are online, and they are looking for you outside of regular business hours.

So you want to be accessible to them. Your goal is to catch their eye immediately and to give them an online feel of your brick and mortar location. There are a lot of inexpensive website designers out there who can help you do just that.

We’ve gathered together a list of designers who will make your website a showcase for your business operation.

Deluxe says you have 5 seconds to catch the interest of a potential online customer. They are making the point that people have shorter attention spans today and need to see your keywords immediately, if not sooner.

The site suggests displaying your contact information, hours and location right up front, and says to explain why new clients should choose your service. Deluxe wants to help you get consistent listings on Yelp and Google and take advantage of social media.

2.) Moonfruit
Moonfruit is a free website builder where you need no coding or hosting skills. This HTML5 powered site will help your potential clients find you at home and on mobile locations. You start by choosing a theme for your site, then do your web page editing with Moonfruit’s 40-page Beginner’s Guide.

The site features free services for one site with 15 pages maximum, 1 GB of monthly bandwidth, and 20 MB of online storage space. However, taking advantage of these requires a website update every three months. They do have a full library of images, widgets, and videos you can use for no additional charge.

3.) Jimdo
This site also doesn’t call for any prior coding or web design knowledge. They will start you with a domain name and address, then add your template and site style. After adding content, you then optimize your site to rank higher in search engines.

Jimdo has free apps for Android and iOS so you can update from your mobile devices. Jimdo doesn’t cost anything unless you decide to upgrade to Jimdo Business for $20 per month. Premium services feature advanced email features, faster support, and personal domain names.

4.) WordPress
WordPress is also optimized for SEO and will help you appear on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among others. You can build a site here for an online store, a business, or a blog. WordPress Premium costs $99 a year, featuring direct email support, space for audio and video, and your own domain name. Business runs $299 per year, also with live chat support.

This site gives your company information on website performance and traffic and handles biggest spikes in traffic. It is also optimized for social networking.

5.) Weebly
Weebly builds your website and lets you choose its theme from hundreds of premade designs. You can only upload one file at a time on the Weebly editor. The site features a free searchable database of images, along with professional ones for $5.

Weebly’s basic service is free, while Weebly Pro is under $5 a month. Two websites with unlimited pages, bandwidth and storage come with the free option. Pro’s maximum rate is $4.58 per month for 6 months.

6.) TechStarters
Last but by no means least is TechStarters, who perform website services for businesses that include web design, online marketing, SEO, web applications and web software.

Having this kind of website will also give you the opportunity to target a wider market for your business or service. You can also update your new and regular customers on any new information about your business, or upcoming sales and events.

Free versions have their pros and cons; Weebly’s free service offers you unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Meanwhile, others basically want a free commercial banner on your site for their trouble.

As always, we recommend looking into a web designer who fits your budget. You’ll find that an impressive looking website for your company will leave more money in your budget for the long run.