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5 Common Ways A Business Is Hacked

5 Common Ways A Business Is Hacked

Hackers can be devastating to a business. There have been times when a single hacker attack had caused companies to bottom up. While it’s never good to have your company targeted, there are definitely some attacks that are worse than others. Here are five of the very worst hacker attacks that can hit a company – and how to prevent them.

  1. SQL InjectionA SQL injection is aimed at stealing confidential data and/or to destroy company information from a database. Databases can be hosted online (over 95% of websites worldwide are hosted on a cloud server), within a colocation or data center, or on-site at your business. Databases are used for storing data and commonly store sensitive data, such as user emails, addresses, social security numbers, credit card information, and more. Many SQL Injection-style hacks happen when a hacker adds programming code into an online form, such as the website forms used to sign people up for accounts with your company. To avoid losing data in a SQL Injection attack, a programmer must add code that keeps people from submitting “illegal” characters into online forms on the front-end, but most importantly code needs to be added to the back-end, which ensures that the submitted data is cleaned properly before reaching the database.
  2. Email BreachEmail breaches are particularly damaging if the hackers get a hold of private information or a damning conversation. Some of the biggest PR disasters were due to leaked emails. To prevent this, guard your email password with your life, encrypt your emails, and use common sense when emailing employees.
  3. Social Media HijackThis happens frequently with celebrity accounts. Hackers brute force the password, or use keyloggers to get login information. Then, they begin posting illicit photos, insane phrases, and other such things on the celebrity’s social media account. This has led to major scandals in the past. You can prevent this from happening to you by making your password hard to get and using a 2-step verification process on all social media platforms.
  4. Site HijackThis happens when hackers gain control of the your website, and it most frequently happens with WordPress sites. When this occurs, the hacker can completely destroy your site from the inside-out. Regaining control of your site can be extremely difficult. Prevent this by backing up your site, and keeping passwords random and difficult for hackers to brute force.
  5. Database BreachDatabases are where you keep private client information such as passwords, names, addresses, and credit card information on file. If a hacker gains access to your database, then you’re company will be liable for the damages. A commercial firewall to add help secure network, along with good in-house security practices can help prevent major company breaches.

Many companies do not take the necessary precautions, thinking that it won’t happen to them. The first time a breach happens could be your last, and put your company out of business. Your company needs to stay safe from these kinds of major hacks, but it is not always easy. In fact, it’s not wise to go at it alone. That’s why most companies will have an in-house IT department or outsource their internet & network security to TechStarters, a firm that they trust.