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5 Website Mistakes Business Owners Make

5 Website Mistakes Business Owners Make

Creating and maintaining an online presence can be tricky. Here are the 5 most common website mistakes business owners make and how you can fix them.

Maintaining a good website is just as important to a marketing campaign as developing an efficient sales staff and printing ads in the local paper. More often than not, a company’s online presence and reputation will play a large role in how much business they will attract. Even though having a professional site is important, the truth of the matter is that many business owners still make simple website mistakes that cost them time, money, and potential customers. Read on to see if any of these classic website mistakes have worked their way onto your website.

  1. You don’t promote your site. If you have no SEO work done and make no effort to market you site’s existence, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. These days, not promoting your site means that no one will know about it, it will simply get lost in a sea of links. Who will go to your site if they don’t even know it exists? No visitors means no customers, and no PR.
  2. Your site hasn’t been updated since 1995. An old school site might be cool for historical purposes, but the truth is that people will feel very uncomfortable about buying from a company that doesn’t regularly update its site. After all, a site that isn’t updated is a site that makes people wonder whether or not the company is up to date with it’s industry, or even still in business.
  3. You have zero social media presence, and make no effort to own your business online. In today’s technological world having a website is simply not enough! You need to have a Facebook page that links to your site, a relatable feed on Twitter, as well as a professional presence on LinkedIn. You will have to keep these social media sites updated as well, along with your website, as they will allow direct interactions and feedback from potential customers. It may seem like a lot of work to maintain social media sites, but your site will have a hard time being discovered without them!
  4. Your website is cluttered. This is one of the most common website mistakes that business owners make. Oftentimes a business has so much that they want to include that it becomes overwhelming to the viewer. Photos, videos, and text content all contribute to the overall effectiveness for the site, but as with most things in life, too much of a good thing can sometimes do more harm than good. You want your site to be pleasing to the eye and interactive, but also easy to navigate. Potential clients want to find the information they are looking for easily and effectively, so be sure to make your main points clear and easily accessible.
  5. Your site looks cheap. While websites like Wix may be a convenient stepping stone for developing your business’s online presence, ultimately if your site is advertising that it is a free service host, then it shows that your business may not yet be well established. So do your best to create your site from the ground up, or get in touch with someone who creates and manages sites to help you get your feet wet. It will show a lot of initiative and that you have put hard work into your business’ content on the web.

Make no mistake about it – establishing and maintaining your business’s website and social media pages may seem like a daunting task, but a big effort can help create big results. You will likely make your own website mistakes along the way, but if you keep an open and active mind, learn from the mistakes of others, and give it your all to develop your presence online, and it will pay off by expanding the reach and potential for you and your company.