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5 Ways Tech Can Assist in Relocation

5 Ways Tech Can Assist in Relocation

When moving to a new city or town, it’s often difficult to initially navigate oneself around. Aside from locating essentials such as grocery stores and gas stations, new residents must also seek out new sources of entertainment and social interaction. Helping to make the transition between two localities as simple and convenient as possible, technology has helped develop a number of applications designed to not only suggest local places, but to monitor one’s overall community news, happenings and events. Here are five applications you should download upon relocating:


This application allows a resident to enter his or her home address to see what crimes have been commented in the nearby areas, at what times and at what exact distances. A great resource, this app enables newcomers to develop a better understanding of what a neighborhood’s crime environment is like. For example, if a person notices that a lot of theft occurs on their street, they can then become increasingly aware of the need to maintain the utmost care and home security.

Additionally, this mobile technology provides a resident with real-time access to local sex offender information. The technology can also be used to search the National Crime Map for information pertaining to nearby crimes or crimes committed elsewhere, such as near a child’s school. By taking advantage of this service, individuals can work to keep themselves, roommates, family, etc. all as safe as possible while learning their way around a new area.


Need to find a point of interest? The AroundMe application can definitely help! Able to quickly identify the nearest banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, taxi services or supermarkets. AroundMe can help direct a new resident to all of their needs. As the most used local search application globally, AroundMe provides simple access to local information. Featuring integrated, augmented reality features to provide GPS-driven directions to a chosen destination.

Helping users find the places they need when they need them, AroundMe also partners with,, FourSquare and numerous other acclaimed and localized data providers. Together, these services help to provide someone new to a community with all the tools they need to efficiently get around.


The largest source of local events and fun things to do, Gravy can be used to make plans for a night out, weekend or even extended trip including suggestions geared towards all ages. It works by showing the most relevant ideas based upon the user’s mood—however, there’s always something to do! Some of the applications suggested activities include live music, date night ideas, performances, sporting events, runs, happy hours, kids activities, meet-ups and so much more.

Furthermore, this allows a resident to better plan for upcoming activities, as well as to keep their outings increasing local (since this is also a location-based application.) Along with providing detailed accounts of events and entertainment opportunities, Gravy also comes with map features and drive times which factor in current traffic conditions, as well as the ability to save events directly into one’s calendar.

Field Trip

If you would prefer to have a tour guide show you around, but desire to explore at your own pace, Field Trip is the perfect application for you! Using your phone’s GPS, the technology runs in the background of a phone and will alert you and provide instant updates when you approach a predetermined hotspot or local historic site. Places of interest which can be found using this app often include: architecture, historic places and events, lifestyle, offers and deals, food, drinks and fun, movie locations, outdoor art and other obscure places of significance.

Field Trip can help you learn about everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. When you get close to something interesting, it pops up a card with details about the location. If capable of acquiring internet access as you drive, it can also send alerts as you pass by notable spots. If engaging in this application enough, you may be surprised at all the pieces of information you can learn about a new place!


Another one of the most challenging aspects of moving is trying to acquire a new, solid base of friendships. Although picking the right spots might be a key to meeting the right new people, technology has also found a way to ease this friendship acquisition process. The world’s largest network of local groups, Meetup, has made tremendous strides in bringing new people together and establishing long-lasting friendships through the use of their app.

Making it easy for anyone to organize a local group, or to find one which sparks a person’s interest, the mobile technology hopes to revitalize local community engagement practices while helping people around the world learn to self-organize. By putting one’s self out there, you never know what kind of exciting new personal or professional network connections you may establish! But ultimately, what’s the fun in exploring a new city if you don’t have people besides you to enjoy the good times with?