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5 Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV

5 Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV

A lot of people use TV as a good way to unwind after a hard day at the office. Today there are a lot more ways to watch television than we’ve ever seen; On Demand, DVR, YouTube, Netflix binging and a whole lot more.

But did you ever think of watching TV just to earn some extra money? Certain companies monitor the viewing habits of the American TV watcher and make the results available to interested TV network brass.

Admittedly you can’t get rich spending days in your living room in front of your TV screen. The minutes you need to watch to earn significant money may make you go catatonic first. But everyone can use a few extra dollars, and who wouldn’t appreciate their home office being their TV room?

We’ve put together five opportunities for you to do exactly that. Let’s start with:

1.) Netflix
The architect of binge-watching television series is hiring people to analyze their programs. These viewers are called “taggers”, and their job is to watch assigned Netflix programs and give them short descriptions, or tags. Netflix categorizes their shows according to their tags, which helps recommend similar programs to other viewers. The tags also improve the show’s standing in search engines.

Netflix does not hire a whole lot of taggers often, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Netflix job board to see when they have an opening.

2.) Viggle
Viggle is an app that lets you earn points by watching television or listening to music, then you trade those points in on a selection of rewards. This app is powered by mobile reward system perk that offers hundreds of gift card options.

Members collect Perk Points every time they check into a TV program or a song by tapping on the Viggle app. The points can be redeemed for cash with prepaid debit card Perk Plastik, or traded in for gift cards and prizes. Featured daily shows from Viggle offer 4, 6 and 15 times the points. Users say the gift card options are decreasing, according to some reviews.

3.) Professional TV Watcher
Yes, you read that right, some listings have included professional TV watchers. Investopedia reported in 2010 that Jimmy Kimmel Live was offering $500 to $600 per week for the position in 2005, and The Daily Show was also hiring for the position. Any listings today are most likely found on entertainment specific hiring websites.

4.) Swagbucks
Swagbucks lets its members earn points online for doing things they already do. Any of the sites over 19 million members can watch videos, fill out surveys, shop online and more to earn points. Players can shop at over 1500 retailers, and earn points for every dollar they spend. You can gain points by trying exclusive deals and offers from those retailers. Members can also pick up Swagbucks points by searching the web through its Yahoo engine.

5.) CoSign
This site lets its members earn money from photos they have already been posting to social media. Many of those photos feature products or brand names. All you have to do is tag the items, and if any of your followers purchase them, you earn money. You can make up to 35% of the items price in commission. Payment comes by Check, gift card, or PayPal.

The other ways to earn money through TV include filling out surveys or watching movie trailers and commercials for marketing research. If these options aren’t enough, perhaps a student in your family is interested in a scholarship. For watching television. said to apply for a scholarship during 2015, an entrant had to fill out a form and send in a photo of you watching TV in your favorite place and an essay explaining why. The essay needed to describe what show you were watching and why you enjoy it.

The winner’s check for $1,000 was mailed out to their chosen college in January. Watching television might give someone a few dollars here and there through these sites, but we’re hoping the winner of the scholarship considers changing his major.