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5 Ways To Destroy Your Business SEO Efforts

SEO literally can make or break your ability to get clients, attention, and good press. A good SEO game plan can boost your company into major media visibility and can make YOU a household name. On the other hand, a bad SEO strategy can make your site look like a dodgy company, can fade you into obscurity, and can even cause you to be subject to fines. If you want to totally wreck your marketing campaign, make sure you do these five cardinal sins of SEO.

  1. Make a point of cramming every single page full of keywords. If you didn’t get the memo from the past 5 years, keyword stuffing is OUT. Google’s new algorithms will flag anything with over 3% to 5% keyword density as spam, which will, in turn, penalize your site. The ideal keyword percentage is 1%.

  2. You don’t need no stinkin’ social media shares. Modern search engine algorithms really do focus heavily on this. If you don’t involve social media with your website, then you are definitely on the path to obsolescence. Being able to make your page easily shared on social media is an absolute must! At the very least, have a Google Plus page devoted to your company, as well as a Facebook page. Extra brownie points will go to companies that have active LinkedIn profiles associated with them, as well as companies that regularly maintain a Yelp page.

  3. Actually, you’re gonna buy all your traffic. Many legit business owners buy a little bit of traffic off of sites like Facebook. Buying some traffic is alright. It can help find new customers, plant the seed for the opportunity for growth, and more. Buying almost all of your traffic, or buying gross quantities, on the other hand, will cause Google’s klaxons to go off. There is a need for quality, and if you have to buy all your traffic, your quality is not high enough.

  4. You are going to get links wherever you can get them. Link exchanges are a lot like trying to get with the “cool kids table” in middle school. Who you sit with matters as much as the fact that you’re sitting at all. Choosing the wrong directories can get you automatically banned from Google searches.

  5. Work hard to get as many crazy affiliate marketing schemes on your site as possible. Google doesn’t totally ban affiliate marketing, but it does make it very hard for affiliate marketers to get a high ranking. Affiliate marketing is naturally dodgy online, which is why this is happening. If Google notices a high percentage of affiliate links on your site, your site will take a hit.

A lot of your SEO strategy will be dedicated to making sure that your site is human-friendly, assuming that you actually want your SEO efforts to succeed. At Techstarters, our SEO strategy is guaranteed to help your business avoid the worst case scenario. Remember, all of your efforts need to be carefully planned out. Otherwise, you may end up suffering at the wrong end of Google’s favor.