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5 Top Improvements in QuickBooks 2016

5 Top Improvements in QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks has been providing solutions for small business accounting issues since 1994. It is user-friendly and easy to learn and is the top accounting software choice for most small and medium-sized businesses today.

The software comes in Pro, Premium, Accountant and Enterprise solutions, and the 2016 versions were released in September 2015. And there are a lot of new additions and enhancements included in them.

So the question for your business may be whether you need to upgrade your current QuickBooks software? We’ll give you five good reasons why we believe the answer is yes.

1.) Bill Tracker:
Bill Tracker is a new dashboard feature that lets you track the money going out for your business. Bill Tracker will let you keep track of your company’s item receipts, purchase orders, and outstanding bills. You can filter your data by grouping vendors, then select multiple transactions and perform actions.

You can pay bills, close purchase orders, and edit your displayed transactions. Users can access this new option by clicking on Vendors and then Bill Tracker in the left navigation menu, or you can choose Vendors in the main menu and then hit Bill Tracker. Bill Tracker is available in QuickBooks for Windows versions Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise.

2.) Bulk Clear Send Forms:
Standard versions of QuickBooks have an “Email later” message that gets checked on the Create Invoices window in a large number of your transactions. The Bulk Clear Send Forms function allows you to clear out those email lists that are waiting to be delivered.

You select File, and then Send Forms to reach this function. Just check the transactions you want to be removed from your email list by simply clicking Remove. Bulk Clear Send Forms comes with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise.

3.) Auto Copy Ship-To Address
When you create a purchase order from a sales order or estimate, you now only need to check a box that copies the ship to address for you. You can reach this feature by clicking on Create Purchase Order from the Create Sales Order or Create Estimates window. Then you will reach the Create Purchase Order Based on the Sales Transaction window, where you will put a check in the Dropship to customer box. Auto Copy Ship To Address comes in the Premier, Accountant and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks, but not in QuickBooks Pro.

4.) This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month report filter:
“Fiscal Year to Last Month” should save you considerable time with your organization’s financial reports. You can now filter your reports for a specific date range. You previously had to enter specific dates on QuickBooks manually, and it would be memorized. It would have to be rememorized each time you needed a new date reference. This feature is included in Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise QuickBooks.

5.) Continuous Feed Label Printer Support
For 2016, QuickBooks will be supporting printing to continuous feed label printers. Zebra-compatible printers can now print single labels quickly from your names list, a filter for customer type, filter for vendor type, a filter for zip codes and more. You can access Label Printer Support by clicking File, Print Forms, and Labels on the menu bar.

And that feature can be found in any of the 2016 QuickBooks desktop versions. Software developer Intuit says that these new additions will allow QuickBooks 2016 to improve your efficiency and manage your accounting that much better. We believe your business bottom line will say, “What’s not to like?”