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5 Social Media Platforms Great For Business

5 Social Media Platforms Great For Business

Every business out there needs to have a social media presence. Social media is just the new way of doing things, whether it’s communicating with clients or advertising your services. However, you can’t just work with one platform. That would limit your company’s ability to reach to different demographics. Here are five social media must-haves for any business owner.

  1. Twitter– Believe it or not, an obscene amount of recruiting, sales, and promotions have happened successfully on Twitter. If you know how to get Twitter followers to listen, the world is your oyster. You may be surprised at how engaging messages at 160 characters can be. The best thing about Twitter is that it can be a great chat platform as well, so you can actually reach out to your customers and ask them for advice, feedback, and positive stories.
  2. Facebook – Facebook is the big granddaddy of all social media platforms. It has the most reach, since virtually everyone has an account. It also is exceptionally business friendly, since it has a number of tools that help you accurately and easily target your demographic. Facebook is so pervasive that many people won’t take companies that lack a Facebook page seriously. So, you will need one.
  3. Google Pages – Also known as Google Plus, this social media platform is particularly important if you want to have a good search engine ranking. Google places links from its social media sphere high on its algorithm’s priorities, after all. Having a Google Page for your business also makes it very easy for locals who may be interested in your company to find you. We really can’t say no to a sweet deal like that, especially since Google Pages is just as free as any of the other platforms that we’re talking about.
  4. Instagram – Instagram is one of the best ways to share photos that show your business in all its glory, and people love looking at those photos. If you are looking to reach a young demographic, having an active Instagram account and getting people to tag photos at your location is a quick and easy way to gain a good following.
  5. Pinterest- Say what you will about Pinterest, but it’s not only about beautiful crafts and pics. Pinterest has been getting a lot of action in terms of business advertisements, sassy statements, and other similar acts of smart, modern marketing. Though it might not be as important as some of the other platforms discussed in this article, it’s a must if your business is food, fashion, beauty, or nightlife-related.

Social media is incredibly powerful, and mastering this tool is a great way to promote your company. If your social media work seems to be struggling, then your best bet is to ask a social media guru or a PR pro to work on it on your behalf. You can also check out our tips for improving your social media response. Remember, everything takes time to develop, be patient and keep going at it!