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5 Signs You Need To Fire Your IT Professionals

5 Signs You Need To Fire Your IT Professionals

We like to think, or at least we like to hope, that the IT professionals that we hire are capable of completing the tasks we hired them to do. Most of us are actually very capable people who know the world of infotech like the backs of our hands. However, once in a while, you’ll find that there’s an IT “professional” who really has no idea what they’re doing. Hiring inadequate personnel could spell certain doom for your company. Coming from Techstarters, a group of IT professionals, Here are five signs that you’re not dealing with a real IT pro.

  1. They haven’t stayed up to date with current technology. Well, it’s great that they know all about Windows XP, but that system is about 10 years old. If they haven’t been able to keep up with the latest hardware/software in the world of tech, then chances are that most of their skills are outdated.
  2. When they asked you to fix a menial problem, you caught them Googling an answer on how to fix the issue. While this may be forgivable in some situations, the fact is that you yourself could go to Google and ask the same question, then follow the same steps that are outlined in the answer. You have to wonder why you’re paying an “expert” to do something that you can do on your own at this point.
  3. They can’t explain what they’re doing, or why they want you to upgrade to a certain package. A good IT professional will always be able to explain what he or she is doing in a clear, understandable, and rational manner. If they can’t explain why you need to buy a certain service, or what they are doing to better your IT situation, then they probably aren’t doing much. Besides, do you really want to deal with someone who’s being really secretive about what they’re doing with your data? We thought so.
  4. They’re rude to you. OK, we get that some nerds have the reputation for being elitist and snarky at times, but that should be reserved for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG table – not work. Nothing is worse than being treated like an idiot by people that you’re paying, and you should not stand for it. The truth is that professionals in any field will understand how to be polite and how to deliver good customer service, and that includes nerdy fields, too.
  5. There’s a major SNAFU at work, and it’s clearly their fault. Hacker attacks and viruses do happen, and at times, there’s very little that can be to prevent them from hurting your company. But, if the attack could have been prevented by common sense on the behalf of your IT pro, you should be upset. Similarly, if your SEO guy gets you banned from Google, it’s time to look for outside help.

It’s rare to find a really low-tier IT professional in the field, simply because it’s a very competitive field as-is. So, if you feel that your IT guy isn’t up to par, move on and hire someone who’s more adequate.