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5 Reasons Your Business Should Get Windows 10 Now

5 Reasons Your Business Should Get Windows 10 Now

Your business may have considered the transition to Windows 10 if you haven’t done so already. A new operating system for your PCs throughout your workplace might make you worry about capability and other concerns, but there are some positive notes to take into account when transitioning over to the new OS by Microsoft.

If you’ve been putting off the big upgrade to Windows 10 since the inception of its release back in Summer of 2015, here’s five big reasons why you and your business should upgrade your systems to Windows 10.

1. For Windows 8 users, a very inviting start menu.

Generally for Windows 7 users, the new start menu in Windows 10 won’t be any big thing. But for those perhaps in your workplace operating with Windows 8, the new start menu interface in Windows 10 will become surprisingly inviting. While typical Windows 8 users may know this issue far too well, they should find some comfort in knowing Windows 10 has created a significant improvement on the functionality of the start menu.

2. For developers, Windows 10 is the future.

With Windows 10, the new Universal app platform will more than likely be the standard for developers. The WinRT API, which drives these new Universal apps, will eventually become the platform of choice for Windows developers in all current and future applications to come.

3. Security improvements.

Windows 10 now includes some well-needed security improvements, with a few enhancements, even considered game-changing. Most likely the biggest security improvement in relation to your business is that Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser to the OS. By removal of Internet Explorer alone, this will do far more to improve the general security of Windows than any other modification in recent memory. Also, with the inclusion of Windows Hello, can use your face, iris, or fingerprint to verify your authenticity on your machine.

4. Notification center.

A new feature called the “action center” can store your notifications from your mobile devices or other general connected devices in an area where you can reach them at any time. The notification center keeps all your alerts aside so they don’t become distracting flashes and pop-ups on your desktop when you’re busy working.

5. Cortana may change the way you work.

A new feature called Cortana, which occupies the spot to the right of your start button, has been improving constantly since its release. Cortana is set to match the performance of Apple’s Siri and Google Now. On top of the fact that you can also completely disable Cortana if you do not wish to have this feature, Cortana is a valuable asset to your use of Windows 10.

Now obviously if you’re making the switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10, this is a no-brainer. We all want our systems in our workplace to run fast, strong, and secure as possible to maximize optimum daily work production. With Windows 10, you overall get a faster OS and a more secure structure against today’s threatening viruses and bugs. Take into account these reasons and evaluate if Windows 10 is the right choice for your business.