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5 Leading iPad Point of Sale Systems

5 Leading iPad Point of Sale Systems

The point of sale is where the action takes place in your business. You need your software to be current, and for transactions to move smoothly and quickly for your customers.

POS systems have come a long way since cash registers. Some kind of system for completing business sales has been around for about 40 years, but we still don’t see a better one available today than iPad for POS.

We’ve listed advantages of using iPad for Point of Sale transactions in these pages before, such as updated security practices and its user friendliness. But now we’ll tell you about 5 of the top iPad POS systems on the market.

1.) Toast
Toast was designed specifically to use in restaurants and uses real-time analytics to operate from anywhere. Toast is web-based, and stores all of its data in the cloud. A wide variety of reports are also available in Toast, and they are updated in real time so you’ll have the most up to the minute information about your business.

On their website, Toast offers a demo with a custom walkthrough catered to your restaurant’s needs. Toast’s Point of Sale tablets allows your servers to put in orders right away and improve the ordering process by 15 percent. Toast also keeps track of your inventory, menu sales, and labor, and organizes the results into detailed reports. And chefs only need to press a button to tell servers that an order is ready.

2.) Ambur
Ambur’s Point of Sale provides solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars and food trucks. Ambur works well on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Management can handle employee data and payroll with Ambur, and they can access and organize their entire menu from their iPad.

Ambur takes difficult orders right away and delivers them to the kitchen. Customers are allowed to split checks and use different methods of payment. Ambur even handles reservations and remembers details from regular customers. It allows you to see your restaurant’s table layout and lets you know when you need extra staff. You can see your restaurant’s sales in real time.

3.) Vend POS
Vend is extremely user-friendly and can be prepared to perform transactions in about five minutes. Employees can learn the Vend POS system in a similarly short period of time. Vend accepts payments from any location and offers a wide variety of mobile payment options.

Companies can also track customer information and store performance with Vend. Even if you get refunds, your customers can get money, gift cards or store credit by using their original payment method. Your customers can even shop from their phones or tablets.

4.) Sales Vu
SalesVu’s restaurant or bar POS system lets you process credit cards, print tickets, and send orders or track them. SalesVu is capable of creating detailed reports, keeping a detailed customer database, monitoring inventory and managing staff. SalesVu is a successful point of sale system no matter what you are selling. All SalesVu needs is a Wi-Fi connection.

You can organize promotions and payments with SalesVu, and you can use its financial information to analyze your cost of labor and food products. SalesVu also makes it easier to record sales, split and transfer checks, and process credit cards with a gratuity added to the receipt.

5.) ShopKeep
Many people rate ShopKeep as the number one iPad POS system. The ShopKeep website reports that its businesses grow at three times the national average. It is effective in small businesses, restaurants, retail and the service industry. It works locally from an iPad and syncs to the cloud when online.

ShopKeep has comprehensive register features, allowing staff to take payments with gratuities, and include tax or discounts. The system supports returns or refunds and allows items to be added with a barcode scan or by tapping or searching.

But a company’s leaders are the only ones who can tell what POS system best fits their needs. But if your idea is to make life easier for both your customers and your bottom line, we believe you can’t go wrong with adding iPad Point of Sale.