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5 Apps Related to the Afterlife

With all of the applications that are available to our every need nowadays, do you sometimes think that technology has taken control of our entire lives? Well don’t look now, but some new apps have turned up that are moving into the afterlife.

Yes, death apps are now available, where you can store all of your key personal information online, and even continue a conversation with members of the living.

Creepy? Perhaps. We report, you decide. We’ve collected five death apps for you to consider if you’re interested in securely organizing all of your data online for your friends and loved ones after you’re gone.

1.) Everest.

Everest aims to make death an easier discussion to have for people. The Everest website describes the organization as the first nationwide funeral planning and concierge service. Everest has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and lets clients enter a contest to win $15,000 on its Facebook page.

An Everest advisor asks your family what they want when your life ends, and they help to negotiate final arrangements with funeral homes. Everest has a video from a young man who might be about 28 on their home page. He introduces himself as “dead.” The video is an effort to get his age group to think about what happens after they die.

2.) Google Play Day of Death.

If you really want to know, this app can tell you the day you will die and the cause of your death. You only have to enter your name and your birthdate, and the Google Play app will perform the calculations for you.

The app admits that it is just for “fun,” and cannot be expected to be accurate.

3.) Celebrity Dead or Alive.

Celebrity Dead or Alive tests your memory of whether certain celebrities are still among the living. This app can be played in three stages: 1.) Quiz, where you answer 5 to 20 questions by yourself, 2.) Marathon, an unlimited series of questions that end when you’ve had enough, and 3.) Party, where you can challenge 2 to 4 other players on your device.

After the game ends, players can share their scores through email or social media.


The CAKE app gives its clients points of planning that might be recommended for their end of life. CAKE is a place for them to store their wishes; values and information to be shared with loved ones. The app even offers a personalized list of those necessary action items, and an online handbook of information for your family and friends.

CAKE even lets you talk to your own personal consultant or concierge to answer questions and plan your affairs out easier. And CAKE encourages you to invite your friends to their service, and will send them a private invitation at your request.


The digital legacy SafeBeyond reminds you that life continues when you pass away. It has storage space for your information, and allows clients to continue sending messages after they’re gone.

SafeBeyond allows clients to send messages to their loved ones about predetermined events such as weddings or graduations. They can also send messages to be read at a particular date. And yes, members can deliver social media messages for everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

The cyber world allows people to live an eternal life, if they so choose. New startup sites even schedule social media posts to go up long after a person has passed away.

Creepy? It might be. But if after death apps offer comfort to a person who may fear their final days, perhaps it’s a way of humanizing death for them.