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4 Tips for Creating a Successful Logo Design

4 Tips for Creating a Successful Logo Design

Today with the accessibility of social media, it is easy to have your sense become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content being produced and published out there. It is also easy for successful designs and trends to quickly turn passé as there is a high turnover rate for the ‘next big thing’. Now is there a solution to this? Is there a way in which, despite there being seemingly never-ending uploads, your company/brand can put themselves out there and stand out with a fresh, marketable, and unique appeal/aesthetic? Yes and in this instance, the best way is to start with your logo. Here are some tips to help you create a successful logo design for your brand.

Tip #1: Recognize your brand/audience

In order to be successful in the business world, being able to understand what/who you represent is paramount. What product you are selling or what services you are providing and who you are trying to market to will absolutely dictate your brand identity, and in turn, will affect the style of your company/brand’s logo. Are you trying to reach the youth market or are you trying to appeal to an older crowd? How much do your products/services cost? Is it expensive/exclusive to a particular group or generally affordable for the overall population? Thinking about these questions will help you visualize how your logo will look and can even give ideas of the direction you should head in.

Tip #2: Keep it simple

As said before, there is so much content out there that it can be hard to stand out. Because of this, it can become tempting to try and cram as much detail and spectacle as possible with the aim of getting someone’s attention. Speak to any graphic designer, they will tell you this would be a bad move. The best way to get your idea across is keep it simple and concise. Your logo is representative of you and your company/brand and much like introducing yourself when meeting new people, you want to make the best first impression. Often, a person will only look your brand for a few seconds before moving on to something else. If you have a logo that is overly complicated, people are going to skip it rather than spend the time to decipher what is going on.

Tip #3: Make it Timeless yet Adaptable

It may seem like a hypocritical statement yet it is something to consider. When creating a logo, it may seem so much easier to follow a current trend in order to get some recognition. However, it is better to come up with your own unique idea rather than piggybacking onto what is currently ‘in’. Nine times out of ten, what you come up with will continue to stay relevant while the trends come and go like the wind. Feel free to take inspiration but remain original. Also try as we might, sometimes the design you create does not stand the test of time and needs to updated. This does not mean that you are starting back at square one and doing a complete overhaul of your previous work; you are only making some tweaks to freshen up the design. Sometimes fixing up typography is enough, other times changing colors around makes the logo appear brand new. Do not be afraid to try out some new ideas.

Tip #4: Black and White vs. Color

This plays into Tip #2 but it still rings true and deserves to have its own section. The hardest part next to coming up with logo ideas/settling on a final design is choosing a color scheme for your logo. Ideally, your logo should work in both black and white and color regardless of whether you decide to go with a specific palette or not. Because everything printed will not just be in purely black and white or color. If you choose to have color in your logo, it is wise to keep the amount to three at the most. Gradients should be used sparingly if you decide to use them. Also keep in mind that certain colors elicit certain emotions from people (for example, blue is calming, red is bold, pink is fun, and orange is friendly). Doing research into the psychology of color theory will help you choose the right color for your brand and avoid undesirable ones.

There is a lot that goes into designing a logo; if you are in the market for a new logo or updating an old one, the nerds at #TechStarters can help you out.