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4  More Technology Devices for Cats

4 More Technology Devices for Cats

We all know about a large number of cats featured in viral YouTube videos. Well, while your cat may be keeping himself warm on your computer keyboard when you’re trying to work, he may soon be playing with your devices while you’re away.

Okay, maybe not, but we’ve gotten to the point where some people want their pets to have the same technological conveniences that they have. Devices and systems you’ve been buying are already turning your house into a wired smart home. It doesn’t stop there. There have recently been more and more reports of new technological advancements for cats! Let’s look at four of them.

1.) PetPace 

This is your cat or dog’s version of a FitBit. The PetPace health monitor watches your pet’s vital signs such as temperature, pulse, calories and respiration, and gives you an early warning if your pet isn’t feeling well. This rechargeable smart collar fits both dogs and cats weighing more than eight pounds.

2.) Landmarks for the adventurous cat 

A company known as Poopy Cat is using a Kickstarter campaign to fund their idea of creating seven cardboard landmarks for your cat to visit. The playhouse designers said they chose these landmarks as a spot for your pet to hang out as an appreciation of the collective human strength and a vote of confidence in a better global society.

The landmarks are made of thick recycled cardboard, in case your kitty gets any ideas of shredding the White House, one of the landmarks, after paying it a visit. The others include the Sphinx of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin, the Taj Mahal, a Pagoda, and a Maya Temple. Digital Trends points out that the Eiffel Tower playhouse contains an elevator where you can put a snack that your cat can grab.

3.) Temptations Catterbox Cats 

A London ad agency believes that people just need to understand cats more to appreciate them. So their invention is designed to make people literally understand cats. Adweek reports that the Temptations Catterbox uses Bluetooth technology, a microphone, a speaker and wifi to translate your cat’s meowing into human speech. Complete accuracy cannot be confirmed here. The cat will use a 3D printed collar. Temptations global brand director Pete Simmons commented. “We learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both—giving cats a voice for the very first time.”

4.) Catspad 

This smart cat feeder and water dispenser are destined to become your cat’s own personal assistant. With Catspad, you can regulate your cat’s meal times and water stock by using your mobile phone. You can also check up on how much he’s been eating. You are notified on your smartphone if any problems arise. Digital Trends notes that Catspad is 20 by 13 inches, and it holds 3.75 pounds of food and over 270 ounces of water. The Catspad designers say that will feed kitty for a month, and you are alerted when the supplies are running low. Catspad was funded by a campaign on Indiegogo. To install it, you download the Catspad application and connect the kitty to your Wi-Fi network. Catspad comes with a charger and a collar to track your cat’s nutrition.

You probably don’t want to hear your pet talk, but smart technology can make life easier for pets and pet owners alike. Any product that can help ensure your pet’s welfare while you are away just may be worthwhile.