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3 Ways to Set Your Small Business as Storm Ready

3 Ways to Set Your Small Business as Storm Ready

As certain seasons throughout the year, like hurricane season throughout September and the hazardous conditions like snow in Winter, there’s the possibility that the average small business could lose a large amount of revenue due to being down. While many business owners are aware of power outages caused by natural events, these business owners are now more aware than ever of how necessary it is to prepare for unexpected events from hazardous weather.

To prevent any revenue loss and stay connected and operational throughout any natural disaster, small businesses today must seek out any potential vulnerabilities in their company. These three ways to prepare your small business will minimize the impact of a natural disaster if one decides to wreak havoc on your business.

Backups, Backups, Backups
In today’s modern business world you can secure all your communications and information by sending all your data to the cloud. Accessing your information is crucial to making your day-to-day business decisions as well as keeping communication with clients and customers consistent. When choosing how to backup your information, be sure that your data being sent will be in a secure connection so all your files can be recovered easily.

Have a Way to Operate Remotely
Try securing a cloud phone system for your small business that will assist you in working remotely. Communication is certainly the most valuable asset to a business, so with that in mind, businesses must give their employees the tools they need so work is not interrupted if the office is closed. Systems like mobile twinning (which sends inbound calls to cellular devices),  re-routing calls, auto attendants, and voicemail transcription can be all extremely helpful.

Send Your Server to the Cloud
Your business data is quite irreplaceable and the overall consequences of being unable to access crucial information and applications during a disaster can be dangerous. Your business should search for a 100% cloud-based data backup with multiple data centers to be sure you have uninterrupted access to your files in case a disaster affects one of the data centers. Utilizing a cloud-based solution for your data and servers provides a safer and more secure method to store all your business information.