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3 Thoughtful Things to Consider Before Switching to Office 365

3 Thoughtful Things to Consider Before Switching to Office 365

Microsoft’s progress with developing Office 365 to be Mobile and Cloud-First has proven to be a success. As a result, this provides businesses the means to collaborate between their employees by allowing them to access their work from anywhere at anytime. From major worldwide companies to smaller start-ups, Office 365 has presented itself as offering a variety of different packages and programs regardless of business size.

One of the easiest ways businesses have started with Office 365, before anything, is to initially migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online. With Microsoft’s Exchange service, businesses can utilize this for their work email which also includes Office, SharePoint, and Skype for business.

Transitioning to a different email service is crucial for businesses, and transitioning to Office 365 entirely can be a large undertaking as well. Even cloud storage migration can become more complex than many may think. Here are three factors to consider that can help you and your company successfully transition to Office 365 with fewer bumps in the road.

Know the specifics of Exchange Online and assemble a plan:
While it is easy to just login into an Office 365 account, it is not as simple to initially make the transition to Office 365 in your business. Spend some time assessing and developing a detailed plan prior to your transition of 365. Be sure to have support on day one of making the final transition of 365 throughout all your users and employees in the office.

Prepare accordingly for increased traffic on the network:
Every single email throughout your company, no matter who is sending to who will be utilizing the Office 365 cloud platform. Be certain to address any possible future lagging on the network and prepare with having the right amount of bandwidth. Again, as we mentioned prior, have support for your users from the very start in the case of issues with sending an email or addressing the situation of connection issues.

Don’t do all the IT work by yourself:
This part is especially important if you’ve never transitioned within a network before. Be sure to have a reliable source to assist you. Migrating any form of software or applications through a large network can become very complex, more complex than you can assume, and can also potentially go wrong which can lead to more disastrous effects in your business.

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