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3 Fantastic Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

3 Fantastic Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

For any business, it’s important to have the right data to back up your crucial decision-making in any important business solutions. Certain business intelligence tools can assist in the decision-making process by breaking down raw data that is analyzed and converted into an accurate and easily readable format. For big data business projects, it’s highly beneficial to use business intelligence tools to convert your data into a proven and accurate series of results that can simplify your solutions.

Business intelligence tools can help you with certain topics such as the current state and predictive viewpoints of operations, as well historical business trends in an easy-to-read chart or graph. If you’re a smaller business, in particular, you may find one of these three following open source intelligence tools greatly beneficial for you.

1. JasperReports Server
JasperReports Server is an embeddable open-source business intelligence solution which offers both analytics and reporting capabilities. The servers are attached to a report builder interface, a reporting engine, a data repository and also a mobile business intelligence app. The excellent standout report builder lets you customize reports the way you see fit. You can also modify the code to suit any of your needs. JasperReports Server works on all operating systems and mobile platforms at this current time.

BIRT (which is abbreviated for Businesses Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is an open-source platform which provides a robust set of features and options. BIRT has two components to its platform: a report designer and a chart engine which allows you to add graphics to any of your reports as you need. This powerful tool can also be deployed as standalone or embedded in client applications. Any reports you generate through BIRT can be converted into a PDF, XML or SSV. BIRT is also compatible with data sources such as XML, SQL, and JDO.

3. Pentaho
Pentaho is a very detailed and thorough business intelligence tool which focuses on data integration, analytics and reporting and data mining. It is available in a subscription enterprise version and an open-source community version. With either version, though, you do get a very extensive set of tools that excel in the use of data analysis and reporting. One of its biggest assets is its user-friendly features. Pentaho features a web-based data access wizard and an interactive reporting interface. Pentaho is currently compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

Besides these three open-source tools, you will find a plethora of various different open-source business intelligence tools on the web. Although some other platforms may do the job, these three generally stand above the rest. Of course, their features depend on the size of both your tasks and your business. Evaluate the needs of your big data and reporting.