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280 Characters: How Twitter’s Changes Can Benefit Your Business:

280 Characters: How Twitter’s Changes Can Benefit Your Business:

Around November 2017, Twitter allowed its users to write beyond the 140-characters limit and finally doubled to 280 characters per post. This change has brought about added benefits to users as they were no longer chained to a concise, 140 character post. With the increase in Twitter’s character limit, both famous celebrities and everyday users have found creative ways to post content online and generate a wide-audience. For business owners who utilize Twitter to promote their brand, the additional space will undoubtedly offer more opportunities to include more content per post and make a stronger impression on Twitter. Today we will discuss just how having those added 280 characters on Twitter can benefit your business.

Before this big change, one of the greatest methods which many businesses have and continue to use for self-promotion is that of hashtags—a word or phrase with a hash symbol (#TechStarters for example) that is used to identify a specific topic or phrase. In the past, famous advertising campaigns utilized hashtags to promote products and raise awareness of various problems in the world. For example, there is Coca-Cola’s  #ShareACoke tag that promoted their drink by inviting their customers to create and share their own content via a Coca-Cola bottle with their names on it. On the other hand, you have the #IceBucketChallenge which gave people, including celebrities, a chance to participate in a global activity to raise awareness for ALS. Thanks to the new 280 character limit on Twitter, businesses can take further advantage of hashtags, allowing you to add multiple hashtags per post. While 280 characters may not seem like much, on Twitter all content should be short, sweet, and to the point. With the inclusion of hashtags, your content will be found easily as long as your content is engaging and has a catchy hashtag to follow it.

Besides hashtags, now you can implement multiple links into a single tweet, as well as a multitude of creative ways to tweet. The key for users promoting themselves on Twitter is to offer something that people would want to click on, but not something aggressive that goes out of its way to want to be clicked on. This is known as a concept called “click bait” and can potentially hurt your business if abused, but we will discuss this topic further at a later date. For now, managing your Twitter page shouldn’t be too problematic, unless you have a business to promote, then perhaps it is time you leave your social media channels to the nerds at TechStarters.